Secure ID, LLC is a certified Disability-Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE) in Madison, WI. We specialize in custom safety & awareness products. Each year we donate a portion of our sales to a local non-profit. Thank you for your support!

We can provide competitive pricing on Access Control Credentials and Readers

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    Absolutely the promptest response time and most accurate product I’ve received! Quality is amazing and clarity is great. With all the personalization I expected something to be wrong but it isn’t! Thanks Doug!

    -Thea (Child ID)

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    This is in my son's wallet in case he gets pulled over. I am scared he will not respond the way an officer expects without knowing he has high functioning autism. I highly recommend this and was pleased he received more than one!

    -Jay (Write on Autism Cards)

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    My granddaughters eyes lit up once she saw her ID card. Her first statement was now I can drive a car, I have a license! She is 6.

    -Lisa (Child ID)

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    Wisconsin Missing Persons Advocacy, Inc. has enjoyed working with Secure ID for Child ID cards that we have offered to the community during Missing Persons Awareness Month. They have provided great customer service and they are great to work with! We have been happy with their work. We look forward to continuing to to work with Secure ID and would recommend them! Thank you Secure ID!

    -Marsha (Google review)

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    Great for rental property it takes the guess work out of locating shut off valves for someone that's not familiar with the house in a emergency this could save valuable time.

    -Mark (Utility Tags)

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Superior customer service and support. ID Cards are durable and the design is out of this planet - amazing work, more than five stars!

    -Roberto (Google review)