Here are just a few testimonials from our amazing customers!


I recently got my dog a vest with space for Velcro patches and got a patch with a window that holds an ID card. This was perfect for that! Easy customization and a simple email with a picture attached is all it took to get it ordered! I received an email back within hours to let me know that they received my photo and had begun custom making my pets ID! Great customer service! Upon arrival I opened the package to a nice little hand written note from an employee of the company thanking me for my order (it's the little things sometimes). I was honestly expecting something a bit flimsy as it's only for a pet but, was excited to see that this was just as good quality as my own state issued ID (maybe even better). Great product! Great customization! The best customer service I've ever received for an online order! And this is the longest Amazon review I've ever left but, I feel this product is worth it! :)

-Jimbo (Pet ID)


I keep my medical supplies in a bag inside my purse, but I was concerned that, in an emergency, others wouldn’t know what to look for or which pocket of the purse to look in, were I to be unable to communicate myself. This put those worries to rest. I put one of the clips on the zipper of the purse pocket my medical bag with my epipens are in, and the button on the top of my medical bag, so it’s clearly visible as soon as my purse is opened, despite the bags being the same color. I put the other clip on the backpack I occasionally use in place of my purse, so I don’t have to take the clip off every time I switch bags, which might otherwise lead to it getting lost. I recommend this product both for its practical uses and the peace of mind it has provided!

-Alexandra (Epi Pen Inside)


Do I have other medical cards in my wallet? Of course I do. However, with Secure ID, (a family owned small business) I can summarize what my wishes are, should I become injured, away from home. The card itself leaves me plenty of room, (front and back) to designate my 2 e-contacts, insurance, and whom to notify during a medical emergency. My card looks really darling. It fits perfectly in my wallet. Secure ID printed exactly whom I wished to be contacted, ICE. I like the fact that Secure ID Is a small business. I highly recommend having this card in your wallet. I also love the key chain detail. It alerts medical emergency teams to find my wallet, where they can review an assortment of emergency cards.

-Darcy (ICE Card)


I am Deaf. For the most part, I encounter few difficulties communicating with shop owners, medical personnel, and others within my community. However, it's necessary for me to carry around a hand-written card explaining that I am Deaf and how to speak with me.

I came across Secure ID while searching for an alternative, and I am not disappointed! This is a high-quality card that can be personalized to include emergency contacts and YOUR personal communication preferences. Customer service is top-notch; I had my order within days. Also included with my order was a nice letter of thanks. This is a family-owned business that deserves support. I highly recommend this product and this company!

-Aleks (Hard of Hearing ICE Card)